3 Keys to Loving Your Job

By / May 12, 2017


Growing up kids were always asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answers ranged from firefighter to princess to the President of the United States. Kids’ dreams were big, and they thought nothing could stop them. As they grew older, the answers changed to things like journalist, accountant, or pharmacist. Choosing an occupation for the rest of your life is a big decision, but often one of the best choices you will make throughout life.


When it comes to work, one of the most important things to consider is how happy you will be working at a company in a certain position. After all, as the saying goes, if you love your job, you won’t work a day in your life. Listed below are common beliefs or characteristics all people who love their job have in common.


Love for Coworkers


A lot of time is spent at work. Sometimes, an employee may spend more hours at work than at home if it is a busy season. With all the time spent at work, it is important to love your coworkers as much as you love your job. After all, how much are you going to love your job when you don’t love the people you are surrounded by each and every day. There are numerous ways to become closer to the employees such as eating lunch together or celebrating each other’s success. As people you see on a daily basis, the coworkers are a large contribution to how much one loves their job.


Going Above and Beyond


When working, it is important for employees to know where they stand in the company. They have to fully understand their job responsibilities and strive to fill them every day. The best type of employee will go the extra mile and be so determined that they can’t be stopped. The passion driven person bent on doing what they love is constantly trying to figure out ways to up their game and improve upon what they are already doing. A manager that holds them back is only hurting the company because an employee who wants to grow into something bigger will end up very successful so they should be utilized within their own company.


Company Pride


Employees create the heart of the company. They may come and go, but in the end they truly have a large impact on the company as a whole. With that being said, it is important for the employees to take great pride in their company. With pride comes respect for the leadership, a positive company culture, and a belief that your work matters. Company pride requires the employee to not only know why a company sells what it sells or provides a certain service, but also how it makes or serves it. Along with that, they must know why their product or service matters to other people. With a full understanding of all that, they will be able to show pride in numerous ways. When talking to people or networking with others outside the company, they will be well-informed and able to promote their company in the best possible way. They will know that their mission is to represent their company in the best way, and take pride in the jobs they complete at work. Pride is a certain aspect of the company that lies within the leaders and employees, without it the company wouldn’t run very smoothly.


All in all, loving your job is important and can even help you enhance the work that is completed. Spending time doing something you love all day with people you love doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, especially when there are numerous positive effects from loving your job.


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