3 Reasons Nap Pods Aren’t the End-All-Be-All for Company Culture

By Jason Richmond / January 20, 2017

Ever since we were little, our parents, grandparents, and teachers tried to instill in us to be kind, respectful, and hardworking. These attributes stuck with us throughout our whole lives. In middle school we were kind and made friends, in high school we respected our teachers and bosses of our first jobs, and in college we stayed up late putting in some hard work. Now, daily we put all of those good traits together when we go to work. People are starting to expect more and more out of their occupation and have increasing demands. Nap pods and fancy coffee makers aren’t the sole contributors to company culture, there are many other things that create what a company is all about.

Great Perks Don’t Equal Great Culture

Treating employees right is one thing, but when does it get out of hand and start to affect company culture? Perks are great when they happen occasionally. They surprise the employee and give them something exciting to talk about for the day. A lunch on the office or a coffee on the boss is nice and brightens up the employee’s day. However, when do these perks become too much? With perks comes a want for consistency, and employees will start to want more and more once the benefits start happening on a regular basis. That is not what company culture should be about. Giving out freebies shouldn’t be an expected part of company culture and it shouldn’t shape the culture. Rather, it is an extra perk that adds to the value of the job once in awhile. They are not mandatory, but are certainly appreciated when they happen to pop up. Company culture is about hard work, putting the best company face forward, and promoting productivity, not finding ways to outsmart the system.

Sleeping on the Job?

Company culture is for everyone to see, from internal stakeholders to external clients. It is what companies are known for, and it is clearly a very important thing when it comes to business and profit. Nap pods might promote a relaxed company, but that isn’t for everyone. What works for one, might not work for another company. Culture is very unique and individualized to the company it stands for. When it comes to company culture, it is like a zebra. No two companies are the same with culture, just like no two zebras have the same set of stripes.  Culture is the DNA of each company, you can’t thrive without it, and are only known by it. Whatever your company’s culture is, stick with it and cultivate it to your system. Promote that culture and watch, as many employees flock towards it wanting to be a part of it.

Defining Culture
Companies have beer, nap pods, and ping pong tables which are all great, but does that really define culture? There is a fine line between work and play and some companies seem to be flirting with that line. Culture is defined by work ethic, physical environment, and the employees themselves. After all, the employees are the face of the company. They carry the company’s brand with them everywhere they go and show others what their company is all about. Culture isn’t all about material goods just like happiness isn’t. Culture is about the long days and hard work that goes into producing the best product or service a company can. Companies need to stay true to themselves and focus on what is truly important in their company, which includes the employees and their culture.

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