3 Reasons Why Company Culture Is More Important Than Ever

By Jason Richmond / February 3, 2017

Company culture is a big craze in the business world today. However, now that the new year has started it seems more important than ever. Working as a way to differentiate one company from another, culture has taken on a new importance. Not only does it attract employees to your company, it is one of the foundational blocks of a company. Without culture, a company may be as boring and as bland as a blank sheet of paper. Luckily, companies are taking advantage of culture, and making sure they are putting forth their best effort to make it a priority. Culture isn’t just some edge companies choose to focus on, it is now a requirement in today’s workforce.


Employees are really hoping to see flexibility in all companies. People’s lives are very busy. They may have a family, second job, or traveling that they wish to be a part of. When a company allows flexibility like working from home or long hours, employees flock there. They want the freedom to choose when their work is done, and how long it takes them. Not to mention, a flexible culture increases the quality of life. Employees are happier and appreciate their jobs more. They become more loyal because their employer treats them with respect and trust that they will get the job done right. Plus, flexibility ensures that employees are productive. When left on their own to find time and get the job done, employees make sure that they use their time wisely. If their boss is trusting them enough to work freely and finish the job, they surely won’t be tardy.

Professional Development

Along with flexibility, employees are very concerned about professional development. As much as monetary rewards are appreciated, all employees appreciate a company who encourages continued education and opportunities. Employees have a lifetime of learning ahead of them whether it is through an internship, workshop, or class. A company who places an emphasis on professional development shows that they truly care about the well-being of their current employees even if that means losing them to other opportunities. Companies who show interest in professional development tend to be successful because they continually educate their employees thus giving them more tools to be better each and every day. After all, the workforce is constantly changing and bursting with new ideas. Allowing employees to learn these ways is the easiest way to make a company more successful.


A company’s reputation coincides right along with their culture. Corporate giving and volunteering are great ways to get your company a great name. Even if the giving isn’t that drastic, it still helps. Blood drives, clothing drives, or small donations throughout the year are sure to get the job done right. Besides, giving is selfless, and that attracts many people who wish to make the world a better place. Not to mention that charitable acts are free publicity. A few social medial photos here and there will have your company looking like an angel. Plus, the photos generate support, business, and customer support. Without customer support, a company wouldn’t go anywhere. A customer is more likely to shop at a business that they know gives back to the community in some way shape or form.

All in all, culture is taking priority on the list of things to do in 2017. It is not longer on the back burner and prospective employees always want to see what type of culture a company has. Culture is a big attractor for some people, and it is projected for all to see, which is why it is so critical in today’s workforce.

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