4 Social Platforms Your Company Should Be Using For Success

By / August 21, 2017

If you’re running a successful company or business, chances are you- or at least your competitors- are utilizing the world of social media to bring awareness to your brand. With applications and platforms designed to get your business front and center with your targeted customers, if you’re not using social media then you’re certainly missing out on marketing and engagement that could propel your business to unprecedented success. If this seems like news to you, then it’s time to get on board; here are the top 4 social platforms you need your business to be present on:  


From targeted ads to private groups to detailed analytics, Facebook business pages are meant for interacting and engaging your audience for a next to nothing budget. Facebook offers more than just a space to post updates regarding your business, however. With a properly set up Facebook page, your customers and clients can get all the information they’re seeking about your services or products, times, locations and upcoming events. Furthermore, with unparalleled new techniques for finding and matching prospective audiences, Facebook helps companies to find likely customers based upon their accounts, actions and searches.  


For businesses that want to build relationships and engage other companies or thought leaders, LinkedIn is the go-to platform. Specializing in business-to-business social interactions, LinkedIn provides CEO’s and employees alike the opportunity to share their content and network. Building connections is the name of the game with this social platform and as such, sales pitches are severely frowned upon. Instead, take the unique opportunity of being in front of other business professionals to learn and grow from industry experts.  


Admittedly Instagram isn’t for every business; those that see the most success tend to be product-based companies with something to show on the photo-sharing platform. Still, this isn’t a cut and dry ‘NO’ for service-based companies. Owned by uber-successful CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram offers limited information sharing for businesses- for now. Some suspect that Instagram will too see the capabilities to link inside of the posts, offering a more direct connection between companies and their customers.  


For those that lack either the desire or skills to post lengthy and eloquent posts to the masses, Twitter offers an equally effective outlet in 140-character bursts. Twitter is the go-to for companies that want continuous back and forth with their audiences and the opportunity to share or engage in breaking news- especially industry related content. Use Twitter to share your message or re-tweet companies that are worth spotlighting- and in turn grow your audience as well.   Ultimately, each company will perfect their social strategies to what works best and what makes sense. Whether you choose to span all platforms- or make your mark in only one- the biggest mistake would be shying away from social media altogether. Customers are on social media, they’re using the information available to learn about companies and listen to what their fellow consumers are saying. Their buying decisions are being dictated by what they consume socially- and your success and growth is a direct reflection of your ability to get in front of them or not.  

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