4 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture in 2017

By Jason Richmond / January 27, 2017

Another new year is upon us, and it is time to focus on being the best company there is. One of the easiest and quickest ways to improve is to re-evaluate company culture. A company’s values, people, and missions all contribute to their culture whether they know it or not. Focusing on a positive workplace that promotes efficiency and productivity is essential for success. So, take a look in the mirror and discover how to better your company culture.

Set Challenging but Attainable Goals

Everyone in management and the workforce talks about setting and reaching goals. However, how many of these goals are actually achieved each year, and are they even realistic? This year, make sure your company sets goals that are attainable, and place and emphasis on reaching them instead of placing them on the back burner. One way to make sure your company’s goals are not forgotten after the first of the year is to make them SMART. Smart goals are an easy way to make sure everyone in the office is on the same page. These goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Using these factors to help create the goals, sets your company up for success.

Transparency is Key

Employees have the right to know what is going on with the company they work for. Day in and day out they come to work and give it their all in order to be as productive as possible. The least leaders could do is keep them in the loop. Clearly, honesty is the best policy and that comes with transparency. No, employees don’t need to know every single detail about what is going on in the company, but they should know the big happenings like promotions, company direction, and so on. Transparency starts with the leaders of a company. They need to be open and approachable enough to talk with their employees about what is going on. A boss to employee relationship is very important and needs to be friendly yet professional. Keeping employees in the know will allow them to be more productive and understand what angle the company is trying to take on upcoming projects or tasks.

Support Employees

Employees work hard for a company so it is important to put them first sometimes. Supporting their training and development is a great way to promote productivity within the workplace. Not to mention, jobs come with a lifetime of learning so it is important that they continue to learn even while they are working. Extra programs or training opportunities such as job shadowing are a great way to keep employees on their toes. When they learn something new they are able to bring it into their daily work, which can ultimately improve it greatly. Another way to support employees is to give their health and well-being some attention. Even though this may seem silly at first, it is important to take a closer look at the effects of health on an employee. Most employees spend a great deal of time in the workplace. If they are sick, it could affect more than just themselves. Putting some investment into health and well-being could reduce workplace absences, and show the employees that the company does indeed truly care about them.

Mind over Matter

All work and no play is ideal, but simply can’t be done. Let’s face the facts, and realize that sometime throughout the day employees are going to need a quick breather.  Incorporate mindfulness into the workplace for at least one minute a day. A simple meditation like deep breathing will do the trick and allow everyone to get back on task. One minute away from work once in awhile will immensely help employees stay on track instead of daydreaming or scouring social media that is never ever a quick look. A minute of mindfulness can save the company a headache because it allows employees to check out for a quick second, and then check back in and get down to business.

Company culture is huge in today’s society. Each company has their own and cultivates it to what they want to be. Looking to improve culture can only in turn improve the company as a whole, which is the ultimate goal.

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