6 Ways to Stay Balanced During Business Travel

By / September 29, 2017

For some traveling is everyday occurrence in their line of work; whether you’re a salesperson, business consultant or CEO, business travel is simply a must. Airports become second homes, planes become makeshift offices and you quickly become accustomed to the routine of freshening up in a bathroom before an important meeting. While the idea of traveling to new places and staying in hotels may seem appealing at first, perpetual travel can also wear you down. I turned to Nikki Vescovi, President of Vescovi Training & Consulting, LLC and Global Master Trainer & Consultant for us at Ideal Outcomes to get her top advice for staying balanced despite her demanding travel schedule.

Arrive Early

Vescovi recommends getting to the airport, train station, etc. as early possible to avoid the pitfalls of rushing. Instead of maneuvering your way through the gates last minute, schedule yourself to arrive earlier, sit down, get organized and actually have the time to get work done. This will help you to avoid any last minute issues, give you time to refocus on your tasks and save you a bout of anxiety.

Change Time Zones

Bouncing between time zones can wreak havoc on your mental clarity, sleep patterns, and overall physical abilities. An ingenious tip by Vescovi is to “change your watch or mobile to the time of the location you will be traveling to ahead of time.  Starting to eat and sleep on this new time zone can help in making a smoother transition.”

Change Your Sleep Patterns

While working on the plane can be a great way to productively pass the time, there’s something to be said about catching up on your sleep to ensure full mental capacity for the work ahead. When flying cross-country or internationally, the long flights provide a perfect window of opportunity for a sound rest. However, often people forget to take their normal sleeping patterns into account and find themselves unable to sleep during the plane. Vescovi recommends getting as little sleep as (safely) possible the night before to ensure a sounder sleep on board.

For red eye flights that get in early in the morning she recommends, “staying up as long as you can that day.  Don’t take a nap as this won’t help with the jet lag.”


Meditation is often looked at as the go-to for those that want to unwind from a stressful situation or day. It is also a great way to realign your mental clarity and focus to take on new tasks or get a much-needed boost of energy. Vescovi says that she often waits until her row is full- so as to not get interrupted by people needing to pass- and then meditates by closing her eyes and focusing on the spot between her eyes.

Once the travel is complete, take a quick moment for Transcendental Meditation- which is essentially meditating while repeating a mantra for a period of time- to feel reenergized and ready to go.

Stay Hydrated & Energized

Most people have a natural inclination to grab a coffee or drink when traveling, along with a quick bite from a fast food stand, but Vescovi warns that staying hydrated with ample amounts of water and eating healthy foods should be priority number one. “Drinking lots of water is really helpful and I often carry an empty water bottle with me, so that once I clear security I can fill my water bottle and stay hydrated throughout the flight. Sometimes I also bring a bag of nuts and vegetables with me.  These are good, healthy options that can also help to maintain your energy.”

Get Your Vitamin D Fix

Finally, Vescovi recommends stepping into the sunlight for your post-travel stimulant, “Once you arrive at your destination spending at least 15 minutes outside in the sunshine can help to reset your body clock.” Easy ways to do this may be dining at a table outside or grabbing a bench in a park while you catch up on missed communications.

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