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By / August 24, 2017

In a world of go, go, go it’s no wonder that everything from our Starbucks order to a plane ticket can be automated and ready to go with you with a click of a button. Just yesterday I was presented with the question “Are you a mobile order?” and thought to myself, well, am I?   As it turns out- that day I wasn’t. I hadn’t pre-ordered my coffee to have it waiting, piping hot, with my name on it and ready to go. But for someone traveling the world, continuously touching down in different cities and countries for business, I am quite literally always on the go- and need my business tools, applications and results to be just as fast moving and available too.   Automating our businesses isn’t just about being mobile or easily accessible from everywhere however; it makes solid business sense too. With automation, less time is wasted, fewer steps need to be taken and costs are drastically reduced as a result. So what exactly can we automate in our businesses to thrive in a mobile world?  


Taking the initial and continued education on the go makes sense for everyone in the office. With portable training, the depths of information are at our fingertips and always where the intended student needs it to be. With in-the-now access to lessons, updates, webinars and more, the training industry is being transformed by the ability to learn from anywhere in the world.  

File Sharing

If there’s one thing about constantly being on the move, it’s needing to access your files from anywhere, at any time. Just 10 years ago a file or document seemed doomed to exist on one drive, in one computer- forever. That meant out of the office, out of luck. Yet just a decade later and technology has gotten us to embrace and trust ‘The Cloud’- putting our pertinent files and information out into the endless depths of the internet to retrieve it at any moment, from any device.  

Social Marketing

Nothing is more automation favored than social media- and the marketing methods behind it. With tools such as SmarterQueue or Buffer, companies are able to schedule and publish their social posts or ads to their audiences once the initial set up is complete. Often with these tools, the teams behind them work to generate and create the content, scheduling it all in one day to be posted without additional action required.  


You have questions, and someone- somewhere- has answers. Real time resources- much like training- is a priceless advantage for any business. From social media platforms, utilizing specialized Facebook groups and LinkedIN to forums such as Quora, these in the moment jackpots of information give leaders and decision makers instant access to some of the brightest minds at the click of a button.  


Feeding our need for instant gratification, we now demand results in real time with tracking by the minute and notifications of even miniscule changes in numbers and figures.  Companies are taking full advantage of real time business intelligence (RTBI) software and systems, to not only collect- but analyze- data from all over the world.   We are a culture of “now,” and we want our tools for business accessible in the blink of an eye. Social platforms embrace this, offering continuously updated analytics, apps allow us to track our banking and investments by the minute and the never ending beeping and buzzing of notifications from our smartphones and devices further proves our distance from the days when answers took time- and a coffee had to be ordered in person.

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