Company Lunch: A Culture Booster

By Jason Richmond / March 10, 2017

When it comes to the workday, things can either be fast and hectic or slow and even-paced. Either way, it is important to take a break out of your day for lunch. Not only does lunch allow you to socialize with other coworkers and make relationships with them, it allows you to step back from work and take a moment to re-energize so you are ready to take on the rest of your day. Aside from those two things, a company lunch will also boost and shape company culture, which is such a vital factor for any company nowadays. Some may question if company lunch is detrimental or a waste of time, but below are reasons why company lunch is essential for any successful business.

Team Branding

Every company has something that they are known for. Whether it be slogans, nap pods, or great work ethic, one of the best things to be known for is a great brand. How your company’s team presents themselves to the public eye is very important. Social media plays a great role in this department, so promote your company with a team lunch. Get away from the desk and take the company out to lunch, cater it in, or rent out a food truck. A quick second away from work will boost employee relationships, and give employees the perfect chance to snap a couple pictures and upload them to social media. Consumers or even potential employees will then see those uploads and be drawn closer to your company. A team lunch with some social media uploads may serve to be more beneficial than answering calls and emails. Not to mention, it shows the outside world that your team really works together, which makes your brand even stronger.

Concentration is Key

When working a long day, it is easy to go through the motions and complete your tasks without really paying attention to them. A quick lunch break will allow you to energize your brain and be mindful of what you are really doing. Plus, this break should be taken away from the rest of your work. Sitting at your desk with all your work will not help employees. Studies have shown that desktop diners are not nearly as productive as those employees that take an actual break away from their work. They need to step away from their work and do something of their choice for a little while. Filling in this break with company lunch gives employees a getaway spot to go if they simply cannot pull themselves away from their work. Company lunch will give them free food, which all employees enjoy and allow them to fully concentrate when they head back to their work in order to be as productive as possible.  

Lunch and Learns

Sometimes people have a very hard time leaving their work even for a short period of time because they have just that much to do. A great thing to implement as a company when this happens is a lunch and learn. At a lunch and learn, the company all gathers for a meal where they can talk about anything and everything. It doesn’t have to be work related, but if it is that is fine too. As long as the employees are all together and socializing instead of staring at a screen or paper all day, the lunch and learn has served its purpose. Lunch and learns allow the company to be proficient but still have fun at the same time. A laid back and relaxed culture that gets their work done attracts a lot potential employees as well.

Company lunch can provide your team with so many extra benefits that it would be silly not to partake in it once in awhile. From improved team chemistry to better production, the pros of company lunch definitely outweigh the cons. Even if there isn’t a company lunch every day, remember that all employees should take a break away from their work to reset their mind in order to come back working just as hard. Company lunch builds company culture and that is what will lead your business to success.


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