Corporate Culture—What it Really Affects

By Jason Richmond / April 14, 2017

The term culture has earned its spot as one of society’s biggest buzzwords right now. There is no doubt about why because culture affects everything in a business. From happiness to engagement to mindfulness, culture affects every aspect of a business. However, one of the biggest and most important aspects that culture affects is productivity. With productivity being so important in a business, it is worth it to take time and focus on how culture affects your business’s productivity.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

The way a company carries themselves is in direct correlation to their culture. The actions employees take directly influence culture and productivity. Does the company focus on quality and take extra care to make sure their products are in tip-top shape? Does the company double check to make sure the customer is completely satisfied? Does the company go out of their way to assure quality service? All of these aspects directly affect culture, which in turn affects productivity. If a company doesn’t make sure they have the best services and goods, there would be no way possible for them to be productive. Culture leads to productivity so make sure employees are on their toes and focused on being the best they can possibly be.


A positive mindset will lead to high productivity for a company. Employees who are able to see the bright side of things and learn from their mistakes are going to be very productive because they strive to be great every single day. When an employee wants to do their best, they put forth their best effort. Not only is mindset reflected in culture among employees, but that positive mindset increases productivity. Not to mention a positive mindset will lead to better teamwork, more innovation, and faster turnover rates. With these attributes set up in company culture, the business is bound to have high productivity.

You Are What You Eat

Corporate culture comes down to the values, vision, mission, communication, and interaction between employees of a company. This culture then directly affects productivity within the workplace. Starting from the leaders of the company and then trickling down the totem pole the attitudes of the company will make or break you. It is important for leadership to look for aspects of their culture within new employees during the hiring process. Allowing certain people who fit your company’s culture mold to work for you is a great place to ensure productivity. These individuals who fit the culture mold will undoubtedly put forth their best effort and focus on being productive because they want what is best for the company. Filling positions within the company of people who fit and mix well with the culture is essential for productivity.

All in all, the makeup of company culture affects many things, but one of the most important things is productivity. Without culture a company may not put productivity as such a high priority on their list. On the flip side of that, a company with a lackadaisical culture is bound to have low productivity, but a company will positive company culture has plenty of room to blossom and grow. The employees of a positive culture are aware of what is expected of them and strive to reach those goals. Bottom line is, when a company has positive culture and uses it to their advantage, productivity can be through the roof.

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