High Morale at Low Cost

By Jason Richmond / April 21, 2017

Like many other aspects of business, employee morale plays a major part in success. An employee’s overall outlook, attitude, and satisfaction contributes to their morale and productivity. Generally, employees with high morale are said to contribute to a high or positive team morale. Positive team morale leads to greater productivity and cohesiveness within the company. If a company ever seems to be lacking in positive morale, don’t worry there are numerous affordable ways to improve morale as a whole.

Volunteer Together

At no cost to the company, teams can easily volunteer together to boost morale and better the community. Not only is volunteering good PR, but it allows the team to work together and figure out how team members work together. Forcing people to work together and learn how to cooperate with different needs is a vital part of working as a team. Picking out each member’s strengths allows the team to capitalize on those strengths and become as efficient as possible. When doing something out of the office team members are able to see each others real hands on skills that they might not see on the daily thus increasing morale. Not to mention doing something good for others generally makes people feel good about themselves.

Company Potluck

An easy way to get the entire office involved is to have a company potluck. Employees can bring out their old family recipes and share a bit of their family life and culture with the rest of their coworkers. A themed potluck wouldn’t even be a bad idea. Not to mention, food means socializing! Employees could bring their friends, family members, or significant others if they so choose. Clearly, they would be introduced to other coworkers, which in turn would boost team morale. A team that is familiar with other coworkers personal lives are bound to be happier at the workplace than when they don’t know anything about what is going on.

Achievement and Purpose

One of the biggest things that keeps employees happy is to give them purpose and celebrate their achievements. When employees know what direction they are supposed to go it gives them a starting point and an end goal to reach, thus they have purpose within the company. When they reach those goals, it is important to celebrate what they have achieved. Leaders should make a public announcement to the office or print up a little certificate. Showing a little love to employees can really boost morale while giving employees something to work for at the same time.

Make the Office Fun

Going to the office every day can get tiring if the routine never changes up. Try implementing something new occasionally like some fun games once a month or bringing in a guest speaker. Changing things up every once in awhile can show great benefits for morale. Sometimes change can be good and give the employees a little bit more motivation to keep doing their best at work. On the flip side, you could change the office up big. Get a small makeover or buy something cool like a coffee machine or ping pong table. Sometimes employees need a break during the heat of the day, and these small outlets of fun are a great way to keep them happy.

All in all, there are numerous ways to keep employees happy if the leaders are willing to put in just a little bit of work. Employees are what keeps the company running so it is important to acknowledge their needs and keep them happy at their day to day job in order to be successful and productive.

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