Are You Ready to Go Beyond the Plateau Effect?

By / August 22, 2017

Every now and then someone stumbles upon something that ignites a fire inside of them- and propels him or her in directions they may not have otherwise ventured. Our path at Ideal Outcomes has always been culture centered- we are fueled off of our passion to help companies be better than they were yesterday, inspire their employees in new ways and grow to unprecedented success. Finally, that movement has started- and we’re going beyond the plateau effect.  

What Is Going Beyond the Plateau Effect?

It’s a book- but so much more- that will revolutionize the way companies behave, lead and motivate. We dig deep with some of the top thought leaders in the country to ask the question: “Can we start behaving like startups once again?”   Beyond the Plateau Effect is a groundbreaking departure from the normal ways of looking at generational behavior in companies, resetting our frame of mind surrounding company culture and ultimately, getting back to the founding principles and characteristics that make startups so successful.  

What Do We Want?

With our culture-centric book, we’ll dive into what works and what doesn’t- and how new ideas of “best practices” can turn lackluster “working zombies” into free thinking and company motivated team members. We want to transform the landscape of company culture, bridging gaps between leaders and their employees. With this book we know we can provide the insights and wisdom gathered from experienced contributors to showcase how companies can revolutionize the workforce.   It’s time to stand up and say that a job can be more than just a job, that employees can be inspired to unprecedented heights and that employees need to have more. With a day and age where Millennials outnumber the Baby Boomers, it’s vital that we listen to what they’re asking for: MORE. More enjoyment, more passion, more balance. Beyond the Plateau Effect will dissect today’s trends in the professional environment and give companies the tools they need to truly meet the challenge of providing a workplace that easily retains employees and ignites their passions.  

How to Contribute?

We’re looking for CEO’s, Human Resource execs and company leaders who possess the attributes that will help to engage and teach others. We want to hear your stories about the decisions that have led to a culture-rich company. Together through your experiences- and our passion- we can finally say ‘there’s another way’- there’s more to a successful company and the people that dedicate themselves to it.   Join us if you’re ready to help inspire America’s workforce. Contribute if you know there’s a way to engage employees once more. And help us to go Beyond the Plateau Effect to untapped success.    

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