Talking Perks and Culture: 7 Companies Going Above and Beyond

By / July 10, 2017

If one thing holds true within companies around America, it is their growing dedication to providing an amazing company culture. Though still on the incline, companies are seeing the writing on the wall and understanding the direct correlation between a healthy culture and unprecedented success.   For companies that have long been boasting culture- mostly throughout the tech world- it’s a welcomed notion to see others finally getting on board. Now, industries across the nation are seeing companies with a renewed sense of culture, offering more to their employees in terms of benefits, incentives and continuing education perks. According to the employment website, Glassdoor, roughly 80% of employees have said they would prefer increased company perks to an actual pay raise. Whether you’re an employer looking to improve your own company culture or an employee looking for opportunities with enterprises that are going above and beyond, here is a list of 7 companies offering outstanding company culture and perks:  

American Express

This globally successful company is going out of their way to provide the type of paid leave that only a new mother or father could dream about. With 5 months of fully-paid leave- for not just mothers, but fathers, too- this unprecedented policy is light years ahead of most U.S. based companies.  


Of course, we know that Google has been at the forefront of company culture since its days with Laszlow Bock, offering incentives to their employees, such as: extended time to follow their passions, “massage credits” for a job well done and transportation perks.   But perhaps, one of their most significant benefits is their incredibly rare death benefit. Through this program, if a current employee of Google passes away, their spouse will receive 50% of the deceased employee’s salary for a period of 10 years. With additional financial benefits for the children of the deceased, this is one of the most gracious perks known throughout the industry.  


With a New York City based operational headquarters, the UK-incorporated company, Deloitte, is known for their twice a year sabbaticals, allowing employees time off to pursue professional or personal passions. To be fair, the initial one-month leave is unpaid, but the second 3-6 month leave offers up to 40% of their pay. No matter what, the opportunity to recharge their batteries, tend to personal issues without fear of consequence or continue their education is worth every minute of the time away- paid or not.  


Starting in 2014 Starbucks began paving the road to education for employees working 20 hours or more per week. With their program, employees- and now graduates- received their bachelor’s from Arizona State University, via an online curriculum. A year later they began allowing employees who either begin serving or have served in the United States military, the option of assigning the benefit of education to an additional family member- making it a truly fantastic program.  

Goldman Sachs

Beginning all the way back in 2008, Goldman Sachs joined a small group of companies offering the exceptional perk of having gender reassignment covered in full. This benefit is covered through their insurance, alleviating the financial burden of a surgery that can cost upwards of $150,000. Prior to their adoption of this policy, Bank of America, Wachovia and Deutsche Bank were the only other companies offering this perk.  


I would be remiss to not mention Facebook amongst the many companies offering incredible perks and overall company culture. Their commitment to their employees’ overall happiness and well-being is apparent in every action they take. For interns especially, they receive the additional benefit of free housing and health care coverage, on top of their reported $8,000 per month pay.  


For employees looking to make a difference, look no further than the San Francisco-based company, Salesforce. They offer their team members the opportunity to truly make an impact, giving them 6 days of paid time off each year simply to volunteer. Additionally, each employee receives $1,000 per year to be donated to a charity or cause of his or her choice.  

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