Thought Leadership: More Than Just Thoughts

By Jason Richmond / April 7, 2017

Every day companies are trying to outwork, outsell, outproduce their competitors. Luckily, one of the easiest ways to improve a company is with some thought leadership. This allows for companies to grasp some of the best ideas and turn them into monumental success. With the implementation of thought leadership, companies are paving their way to success.

What Is It?

Through the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, it is often easy to speed through simple things we do constantly. However, it is important to take a step back and really analyze thought leadership. This aspect of business allows companies to put themselves ahead of the game and delve into their deepest creativity and productivity. Thought leadership is a type of content marketing where you tap into the talent, experience, and passion inside your business in order to provide the best and deepest answers to your customers’ biggest questions. After all, the only way a business thrives is completely dependent upon the demand from the customers. It is very important to keep them content, and thought leadership is just one way to make sure they stay happy.

Ways to Implement Thought Leadership

Thought leadership may seem like a broad topic and cause leaders to wonder where to begin. Clearly, thought leadership will come from within the company and, like any positive trend in business, it will start with the head of the company such as executives. Executives will have to take hold of the reigns, and prepare to get everyone in the company on board with thought leadership. There are a few easy steps leaders can follow to establish a workflow for company-wide thought leadership. For starters, they will have to establish the strategy and goals. The formation of goals not only gives the company as a whole a direction to work towards, but it also allows for core ideas to develop. Anyone in the company should send in their creative ideas to make the company just that much better. These ideas can then be turned into content or projects that ultimately benefit the customers and the company’s own productivity and success.


Thought leadership does require a bit of creativity. After all, an average idea will attract average amounts of customers. Thought leadership has to be outside of the box, unique, and appetizing to customers. Thought leadership can’t be too narrow, there has to be a lot of room for creativity. Everyone has a different perspective, which is one great part about thought leadership. The more unique and different the idea, the more likely that it will be successful. Ideas need to flow throughout the company transparently so that every employee is on board and willing to put time and effort into the new ideas. With that being said, even though there may be a million great ideas floating around the office, it is important to focus on one thing at a time in order to stay focused and driven in one single direction at a time.

Thought leadership is a big aspect of business and requires a lot of time and effort, but it is definitely worth it because there are so many benefits that are a result of it. One of the biggest things thought leadership will do for your company is reinforce the company’s brand. When your company promotes thought leadership, they will be thought of as having visionary thinking and creative knowledge. Your brand will stand out and be well known thus increasing productivity. Not to mention there will obviously be an increase in sales. Because thought leadership demands high quality and creative work, customers will lean towards buying from that specific company. However, beyond the material benefits, thought leadership will lead to personal satisfaction. Companies work hard to implement thought leadership into their company and are often very passionate and driven about what they are trying to do. Allowing the company’s employees to create something completely new and watching it grow into a complete success is very self rewarding and leads to inner happiness.

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