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“Tribe of Leaders” Podcast Features Jason Richmond

why culture is the key to the performance of your business
“Why Culture is Key to the Performance of Your Business.” That’s the subject of Jason Richmond’s latest podcast appearance. In a thirty-minute interview by host Emi Kirschner on “The Tribe of Leaders” podcast, shares the five pillars of creating a strong culture that increases performance and employee retention, especially during the days of COVID-19.


  • Learn how Jason Richmond became an expert in organizational culture. (…and what made him one)
  • What are the two things that leverage what really works in organizations? (…the secret sauce)
  • Learn why transparency is important although it opens up a door to vulnerability. (…in the positive sense) 
  • Why is it important to create a corporate culture?
  • The importance of DEFINE (the first step that breeds employee achievement) in getting input from the company ranks to improve on communication.
  • How has the new normal impacted organizational culture? (…of open floor plans, less privacy and a lot of background noises)
  • How can management take steps to become aware of how to communicate and connect with people?
  • Working from home could be a permanent workplace structure change. (… increase in the level remote workforce)
  • The impact of the new normal in the sales arena with regards to some products and services that are typically not viewed as a commodity.
  • After DIAGNOSE (the second step), how do you create a plan to improve on organizational culture?
  • Results out of improving organizational culture with employee performance.
  • Advice on how often companies evaluate their culture.
  • How does culture impact leadership? (…communicate up and down and be able to get input and feedback up and down the ranks)