Ideal Outcomes

Continued Success Scorecard

This scorecard will help you evaluate where you are with sustaining your culture change. You will identify specific strengths in each of 8 key areas, as well as opportunities for improvement. Completion of this scorecard will help put your organization on the right track to continue with true culture change and business success.

1. Rate each
best practice

On a scale of 1-10, what is your team’s current ability to follow this best practice?

2. Identify

Document your organization’s strengths for each best practice.

3. Identify improvement opportunities

For each best practice, document things your team can do even better.

three people reviewing project on tablet

What You Get

An interactive tool that helps you measure your current state and create plans that will sustain your positive culture change and improved business results.

Keep Your Positive Changes Going!

Would You Like to Sustain Your Success?

Don’t let your positive culture changes fade away. Document and celebrate your successes, and identify additional areas of opportunity.

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