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Ideal Outcomes is the driving force behind healthy organizational cultures. Discover what makes us special.

We help you spark a cultural change that will breathe life into everything that makes your organization unique.

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Why Ideal Outcomes Exists

There are many organizations where poor culture exists. In environments where communication is poor, a stronger focus exists on profit and not on employees or customers, and micromanagement or bullying behavior is prevalent. Ideal Outcomes was created to take on these challenges.

Here are the common ailments of organizations with poor cultures:

Worse yet? These ailments bleed into the financial performance of organizations.

Ineffective and toxic workplace cultures have a high cost:

  • 73% of US job seekers apply to a company only if its culture aligns with their personal values.
  • Only 27% of US Employees strongly agree that they believe in their organization’s values.
  • 86% of job seekers avoid companies with a bad reputation.
  • The #1 reason people quit their job (62%) was a toxic company culture. Employee turnover can cost companies up to 33% of a single employee’s yearly salary.
  • Employee turnover can cost companies up to 33% of a single employee’s yearly salary.
  • Employee turnover triggered by a toxic culture cost US employers nearly $50 billion per year before the Great Resignation began.

Culture drives growth. Culture cannot be imitated. Culture is the difference between good organizations and great ones. That’s the power of culture.

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What Ideal Outcomes Brings to the Table

IO has been working with mid-cap companies for over 20 years as strategic change consultants. We’ve helped hundreds of companies address the opportunities in culture change, and helped them deploy strategic programs to evolve their culture.

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1. Define Culture

What is your vision? What is your purpose? What are your core values? Does your current culture promote the values you need to achieve your vision? If not, what values do your teams need to exemplify? Is your leadership agile and able to quickly respond to a rapidly changing world? What will that resulting culture look like?

Culture is your identity. Not only does it depict how employees within an organization see themselves, but also how the rest of the world sees your organization. We seek to answer these questions (and more) so that you can clearly articulate the values that will frame your desired end-state culture.

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2. Diagnose Culture

Once we have clarified the desired end-state, it’s time to perform an unbiased assessment of your current state. The goal of this stage of development is to form a holistic view of the current company culture from every employee level and every location under your brand.

To do this, we work with you to perform comprehensive assessments of company policies, communication styles, codes of conduct, office settings/design, and organizational structure.

3. Plan Culture

Once we have identified the end-state and clarified the current state, we work with you to schedule and coordinate the actions required to close the gap. Your culture can only evolve if it becomes perfectly aligned with your overarching business strategy.

In order to facilitate this, our planning stage includes the embedding and integration of culture strategies into your processes and people strategies. We will help you plan ways for your teams to be agile and maintain the ability to quickly respond to unplanned changes in the marketplace and the world.

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4. Measure Culture

Without accurate tracking and benchmarking, it can be difficult to assess whether your culture change is driving business outcomes.
Based on your unique culture strategy, we design performance metrics that can be reported on frequently to ensure progress towards the desired state. This ensures accountability and allows for quick course correction if objectives are being missed.

In addition, we provide behavior-based coaching to company leadership, build internal champions/change agents, and closely monitor progress towards change goals.

5. Sustain Culture

Culture change is no small feat. And culture work is never done. Culture is a living thing, and it needs to be upheld and embodied by every member of your organization. Once systematic culture change has been achieved, you must work hard to sustain those changes.

We help you sustain your culture change with ongoing consulting and directives, including setting up peer advisory groups, adjusting your onboarding process to help you hire for culture fit, and partnering with you to empower employees of all ranks to become culture officers.

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Next Steps

If you are a senior leader in your organization, then culture health is your responsibility. You’ve seen the costs and you know the risks. It’s time to take action and drive strategic culture change at your company.

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Virtual Consultations

Our foundational consultative solution. Spend 30 minutes with our team of experts to help identify next steps to improve your culture.

Perfect for: Organizations of all sizes that want personal, prescriptive cultural education, delivered in a digital format.

Price: Free

Cultural Engagements

Available in-person or virtually, these performance training sessions include deep tactical work over a span of several months.

Perfect for: Mid-cap companies and other larger businesses that are looking to make fundamental cultural changes.

Price: Contact Us

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Mastermind Offsites

Ideal Outcomes’ premium culture offering. Get a custom, multi-day, hands-on training program from the top minds in culture change.These packages also include unlimited client services as you implement your culture change initiative.

Perfect for: Large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies looking for deep cultural evolutions.
Price: Contact Us

If you’re ready to unlock your growth potential and invest in a culture evolution strategy that will last, then contact us today to start the conversation.