Ideal Outcomes

Is your culture as healthy as it needs to be?

Isadore Sharp, the CEO of Four Seasons Hotel has said, “If you don’t understand the culture of your company, even your most brilliant strategies will fail. Your vision will be resisted, plans won’t get executed properly, and all kinds of things will start going wrong.” The challenge is that many leaders only see their culture from one point of view—their own.

Organizations need to assess their current culture from multiple perspectives: company policies, communication styles, codes of conduct office setting and design, and organizational structure. Understanding the current culture from the point of view of employees at all levels and in all locations is critical to successfully diagnosing your current state.

Ideal Outcomes takes a unique, hands-on approach to enable organizations to create competitive advantages and improve business performance through culture evolution. Our 5-step culture optimization process provides a proven framework and customizable tools for identifying and tackling obstacles to progress.

We are your partner every step of the way in developing the strategies, customized tools, and processes to help you create your own authentic culture. Most importantly, we equip you to drive and sustain culture change. Our tools enable you to be in the driver’s seat. We will guide you there and make sure when our engagement ends, you can sustain your successes on your own.

We focus on the positives and leverage what’s working, using those successes as your launchpad to the next level of success—however you define it.

In each engagement, we utilize a 5-step process of cultural development that entails:

  • Defining the company’s values and marketplace purpose so that they can be more easily aligned with your overall business strategy.
  • Diagnosing what elements of their strategy and culture are currently working, as well as which aren’t and how they’ll need to be changed.
  • Planning the exact action steps necessary to inspire the creation of your desired culture.
  • Measuring the progress of your newfound cultural initiatives, determining whether they meet expectations, and creating ways to hold all parties accountable.
  • Sustaining the budding cultural shift through effective follow-up and clear communication to all organizational levels.

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