Ideal Outcomes

Overcoming Roadblocks to Culture Change Scorecard

This scorecard will help you evaluate your current status with some common roadblocks to culture change, and help you develop a plan to overcome them.

1. Score

On a scale of 1-10, what is your organization’s ability to move beyond these common challenges?

2. Brainstorm
the Why

Consider why you think you can or cannot overcome each of these four challenges, or another challenge unique to your organization.

3. Make
a Plan

Create a step-by-step plan to overcome each roadblock that may try to thwart your culture change.

man giving presentation to his colleagues

What You Get

An interactive tool listing common challenges to culture change and room to brainstorm how to overcome each.

How Prepared Are You to Overcome Common Roadblocks to Culture Change?

What Are Your Roadblocks to Culture Change?

Identifying these roadblocks and creating a plan to overcome them is a great step toward having your ideal culture. This worksheet will help.

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