Ideal Outcomes

Evaluate Your Purpose Statement

People want purpose. They are not merely driven by business results—though business results are essential. Purpose is what inspires people to do more than put in their hours. Purpose creates a shared rallying cry for your employees. When crafting and fine-tuning your organization’s purpose statement, gain input from a diverse range of employees.

1. Document
Your Purpose

Write down your current purpose so you can evaluate it.

2. Answer
the Questions

Evaluate your organization’s purpose statement with these 5 simple, yet powerful questions.

3. Refine
Your Purpose

Use your answers to strengthen your organization’s purpose statement.

smiling woman taking notes on paper

What You Get

A simple, yet effective tool for assessing and improving your organization’s purpose statement. Be honest with yourself and wordsmith your purpose statement to be a strong reflection of why your company exists.

It’s Time to Perfect Your Purpose Statement!

Are You Ready to Put Your Purpose Statement to the Test?

Make sure your organization’s purpose statement is something your employees and customers can get behind.

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