Beyond The Plateau Effect
Want to be a part of the movement? Help change the landscape of company culture as we know it.
What if there was another way?

Another way to run your company, to engage your employees and to inspire them to new heights and successes?

This – and so much more – is absolutely feasible when your company commits to rethinking the way you train your leaders, improve your brand and ultimately change the culture of your business as you know it.

With Ideal Outcomes’ book, Beyond the Plateau Effect, we dive into why the approaches from generations before us are no longer applicable, learn from companies with top-notch company culture practices and answer the question “Can we start behaving like startups once again?

With the captivating and eye-opening tactics and insights that Jason Richmond and his Ideal Outcomes team provide, you will look at running your company in a whole new light. Instead of disengaged employees, we will show you how to implement a staff that feels as passionate about your mission as you do.

In place of the “working zombies” we will teach you how to inspire innovative thinkers and industrious team members. And finally the concern of retaining and retraining staff members, only compromising the success and progression of your company, will cease to be an issue.

We look forward to helping companies revolutionize the way they approach company culture – and the growth that will come with it. Now is the time to turn in the playbooks from years before us, embrace the trends and desires from the new age workforce and get back to the heart and soul of running a business – like a startup.

If you are feeling inspired to contribute to Beyond the Plateau Effect, a book that will unquestionably change the landscape of company culture as we know it, please apply to do so, here:

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